Children First: School Choice Trust has ended after nine years of operations, from 2003-2012.

The program was established in 2003 as Canada's first privately funded program to help families improve their educational choices, because financial barriers often prevent children from attending the schools that may be their best fit. By providing tuition assistance grants to low-income parents who otherwise could not have afforded independent elementary schools, Children First enabled participating families to seek out the best possible education for their children based on individual needs.

Over the programís history in Ontario and Alberta, 2,101 children received tuition assistance, 40,841 families applied, and 337 different schools, of all shape, size and type, enrolled students with Children First grants.

Children First would like to thank our generous supporters, for making such a valuable contribution and investment into the lives of the children who participated. We would also like to wish the best to our former grant recipients, applicants, and all families seeking greater educational opportunities.

On behalf of the families who have benefited from Children First Grants over the years, WE would like to extend our sincere thank you to the program and to The Fraser Institute. Your assistance and contributions have changed lives and is much appreciated from all of us.

Thanks to these companies who still contribute to various schooling grant programs throughout Canada and North America:

Online leader in the kids clothes subscription service industry, FabKids.
Scholastic for Providing schools with fundraising options and children's books at affordable prices.
The CCPRN, a great resource for finding child care providers online.

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